Mapping lymphatic filariasis in Ethiopia

As 2020 approaches it is getting more urgent to understand where control programs need scaling-up and where different methodologies may be needed to achieve the goal of eliminate lymphatic filariasis as public health problem. The pilot project of Mapping limphatic fialriasis in Ethiopia will look at linking spatial maps of prevelance to mechanistic transmission models developped by the modelling teams of the NTD Modelling Consortium allowing forward projections of control impact to be generated.

This four-month pilot project is focusing on one single disease, the lymphatic filariasis in Ethiopia, a high data quality exemplar country. The lymphatic filariasis program in Ethiopia is currently being scaled up and the best policy to achieve elimination targets is being considered at a national level. The transmission models linked with the local prevelance maps can provide useful guidance.

Our results will be summarised and published after the completion of this project work.