Prof Peter DIGGLE

Modeller, Other
Lancaster University
I am a biostatistician with research interests in the development of statistical methods for spatial and longitudinal data analysis, and their applications in the biomedical and health sciences. Within the tropical disease arena, I work on the application of spatial methods to a range of disease control and elimination programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Modelling has been performed in:
Africa, Asia, South America
Africa-wide (APOC, Task Force for Global Health, Evidence Action); Bangladesh (STH); Sri Lanka (snake-bite); Brazil (leptospirosis)
Interested in scoping existing and potential capabilities:
All of the above
Other capacities:
This is not applicable to me
Modelling experience:
Epidemiology and statistics
Statistical inference
Location: Lancaster
About you:
I play badminton with Mandy, Jono and Hannah, and explore the countryside on my e-bike as often as I can. I play guitar (folk and blues) and tenor recorder (early music for preference), the latter with an informal recorder consort. I listen to all kinds of music, but particularly like jazz (especially Charlie Parker and John Coltrane) and Italian opera. My boyhood hero was Stirling Moss. I still take an interest in classic cars and historic motor racing. I enjoy cooking and eating. My favourite Lancaster restaurants include Etna's, The Bay Horse and Quite Simply French . My favourite authors include George Orwell and Nigel Slater.