Dr Panayiota Touloupou

University of Warwick
My research interests lie in mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, statistical methods needed for model fitting, model comparison and the epidemiology of pathogens I am modelling.
Previous modelling experience:
Modelling has been performed in:
My current research focuses on combining geo-statistical mapping and transmission modeling to provide local estimates of the impact of intervention programs in Ethiopia as well as other priority countries in Africa.
Interested in scoping existing and potential capabilities:
Trachoma, Schistosomiasis mansoni
Other capacities:
Modelling experience:
Epidemiology and statistics, Transmission dynamics, Mapping and geostatistics
Stochastic compartmental models, Individual-based models (including agent-based models), Markov models, Statistical inference
Location: Coventry
About you:
I am a Research Fellow in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick working on developing new methods of linking geospatial models of disease prevalence with transmission models of epidemic dynamics in order to make maps of future projections of disease. In my PhD I developed new inference methods to learn the epidemiology of Escherichia coli O157 in cattle.