Dr Emma Louise Davis

University of Oxford
I mainly model lymphatic filariasis transmission, control and elimination, with a particular interest in vector dynamics. I have also worked on malaria, ebola and STH. More recently, I've been involved with work modelling contract tracing for COVID-19 control.
Modelling has been performed in:
Africa, Asia, Australisia, South America
I've contributed to modelling work spanning a wide range of geographical locations, but have also spent particular time thinking about lymphatic filariasis and STH in Sri Lanka.
Interested in scoping existing and potential capabilities:
Lymphatic filariasis
Other capacities:
This is not applicable to me
Modelling experience:
Within-host dynamics, Epidemiology and statistics, Transmission dynamics, Vector dynamics, Mapping and geostatistics, Operational and logistic
Differential equation models, Stochastic compartmental models, Individual-based models (including agent-based models), Network models, Markov models, Statistical inference
Location: Oxford